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Unwind Tincture Elixir

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Locally made from the wonderful soul behind Chicory Kin

Unwind - An elixir for the times.

This offering is a blend of two powerful nervines, passionflower vine, and oat tops. Made as medicine for the people: in the age of anxiety, in the time of some great shift when we desperately need gentle and accessible remedies. Passionflower vine that eases anxiety, restlessness (insomnia), and especially circular thinking.

Oat tops are extremely nourishing for the whole nervous system, telling our bodies to soak up the slow moments and tend to the frayed edges of ourselves. A wonderful medicine in all its forms, nurturing, gentle, and consistent.

These two tinctures blended with the sweet goodness of raw honey come together to make an elixir for the wired body, to fulfill the craving of calm, and to put our minds to rest with a moment of intention and the self-care we owe ourselves. Try a full dropper at night to ease your mind before bed, or after reading the news to stabilize your energy back into a gentle flow, unwinding, washing over your nerves like milk.

Sold in 1 oz dropper bottles.

Ingredients: milky oats, passionflower, vodka, raw honey.

These medicinal offerings have not been reviewed by the FDA. Any descriptions and information are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness.

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